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Creamy Pumpkin Ricotta Oats

The first few days of avoiding sugar have been tough… but I notice that I feel stronger during my workouts and more satisfied after eating my heartier, balanced meals.  I still have been craving something sweet after meals, but a dried apricot or prune does the trick.  They are intensely sweet, concentrated sources of natural sugar.

Really, if you try anything new this week, make it a prune.  You could be pleasantly surprised! 


As much as I love love love oats, I haven’t been eating them recently.  I’ve been on a breakfast sandwich kick since I’ve had extra time in the morning to enjoy my breakfast.  However, I hit the 5:45 am spin class this morning and wanted to have my breakfast packed and ready when I walked out the door… overnight oats to the rescue!

This batch was inspired by a friend of mine who made pumpkin ricotta muffins last fall.   She’s a chef so they were beyond amazing, and I’ve modified her recipe to make a tasty lowfat version as well (I’ll share that one after Lent is over!).  As I was putting together my oat mixture last night, I was in search of protein; I’m currently out of both protein powder and greek yogurt (stocking up later today, don’t worry).  I did have some leftover lite ricotta cheese, so I threw some of that in to the mix, along with cinnamon, a packet of Splenda, canned pumpkin, and some homemade granola.  Sticking with my plan to avoid added sugar, there is no sugar added to these guys, including in the granola — that’s why I made it myself.  I know the Splenda is cheating a little as far as trying to tame my sweet tooth, but I knew they needed a little sweetness.

They turned out really well – kinda ugly but tasted delicious.  The ricotta really upped the creaminess factor, even more than greek yogurt usually does.


1/3 cup quick cooking oats

1/4 cup canned pumpkin

2 Tbsp lite ricotta cheese

3/4 cup skim milk

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 packet Splenda

2 Tbsp granola (added this morning)

Approximate nutrition: 300 calories, 8g fat, 42 g carbs, 16g protein

Have a great Tuesday!



3 responses to “Creamy Pumpkin Ricotta Oats

  1. bakebooks March 16, 2011 at 1:37 am

    I do those kinds of concoctions a lot with yogurt or cottage cheese! Usually throw in blueberries, raisins (love), cinnamon, some maple extract, nut butter and apple butter, pumpkin…whatever works!

    Good luck with the SF thing! Your stronger than I 🙂 I don’t add it in where not needed and most recipes I do have none added on my site. But that doesn’t stop me from eating my chocolate or indulging…and I do love maple syrup…;)

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